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Philly VBC is on the horizon!

Keep up to date by following our Facebook event page and by visiting our Philly VBC webpage.
Volunteer registration for the different daytime sites can be found here.

We believe in creating and supporting environments that foster community, art, and ecology that are made by the people who live in them.

We work with grassroots initiatives reclaiming public space through the lens of placemaking: 
a multi-layered process where citizens foster active, engaged relationships with their neighborhoods and work together to make changes.

What We Do

Help partner sites organize and promote volunteer days and workshops throughout the year.

Offer gardening, design, and strategic planning consultation for groups and individuals interested in reclaiming sites in their neighborhoods, using the placemaking process to encourage genuine community engagement.

Host the Philadelphia Village Building Convergence – a weekend based around community building, learning, and celebration.